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Great reasons to learn Welsh

Page history last edited by David Tidy 9 years, 5 months ago

Why are you learning Welsh?


Here are some great reasons given by SSIW members for learning Welsh... [Reasons mostly taken from "Why am I learning Welsh?" thread]


"It's great fun! Since I've been learning with SSIW it hasn't been difficult at all"


"Learning Welsh has really boosted my confidence in a number of situations"


"I've always lived in Wales, and always wanted to be able to speak Welsh"


"I've moved away from Wales and learning Welsh helps me feel closer to home"


"I've always wanted to learn a foreign language, but no matter how well I did on my own steam, when it came to practicing........well, how many French / German / Spanish friends does the average English guy have? :D For me it was 1 of each, but I soon realised I had 3 Welsh speaking friends and I'd worked with 2 and still currently work with 1 of them. So I thought, Welsh, eh? And it went from there"


"It's not that I feel left out of my community, but I believe that the Welsh language helps keep a community alive and going strong, I really want to contribute to that"


"I often visit Wales and I would like to be able to speak the language while I'm there"


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