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Some good adjectives

Page history last edited by Robert Bruce 9 years, 4 months ago Saved with comment

To make a start on some language material, this is from a thread in the forum replying to a request for interesting adjectives to use in a Welsh class.


anhygoel extraordinary, fantastic
anffodus unfortunate
angenrheidiol necessary
anghyfforddus  uncomfortable 
anobeithiol  hopeless 
anodd difficult
anweladwy, anweledig
chwerthinllyd ridiculous (laughable)
cyfforddus comfortable
cyfrinachol secret
doeth wise
drewllyd smelly
gorllewinol western
gwarthus disgraceful
rhwystredig frustrating
rhydd free
siaradus talkative
sothach rubbish
uchel high, loud


Comments (3)

warren_davies said

at 5:53 am on Feb 11, 2011

As the list grows it may be worth categorizing these by useful situation, otherwise we may end up with a small dictionary.

David Tidy said

at 10:43 am on Feb 11, 2011

Yes, a dictionary is not where we need to go. Long lists of vocabulary are not in the spirit of SSiW and rather unhelpful. A short list of notable words is probably ok.
I wondered about combining this list with the word pairs page in some way to try and create a better learning aid.
By the way, sothach got listed incorrectly as an adjective - it's a noun really.

Cer said

at 6:43 pm on Feb 20, 2011

Some of these I recognize in some form from word pairs in the lessons, like 'anobeithio yn llawer" and "gweithy yn uchel" (sp?) (despair entirely, shout loudly) so we could probably find/remember/create pairs (difficult decision, unfortunate move [chess], extraordinary experience, etc.)

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