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Yn or Mewn

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When to use "yn" vs. "mewn"...


This is my understanding - please correct it if it's wrong!!


You should use yn for specific nouns, and mewn for more general ones. For example you might use "mewn" to say you work in a bank (Dw i'n gweithio mewn banc), but "yn" when you say which specific bank you work in (Dw i'n gweithio yn Natwest). Here are some more examples:


Dw i'n gweithio yn Wrecsam= I work in Wrexham.

Dw i'n gweithio mewn dinas = I work in a city.

Dw i'n gweithio yn y ddinas = I work in the city.


Oedd hi'n dysgu mewn ysgolion lleol - She was teaching in local schools

Oedd hi'n dysgu yn yr ysgol lleol - She was teaching in the local school (THE local school makes it about a specific one)


Wnes i aros mewn gwesty - I stayed in a hotel

Wnes i aros yng Ngwesty'r Ritz - I stayed in the Ritz hotel.


With special thanks to my dictionary, Oxford Pocket Modern Dictionary for help with examples.

Comments (1)

TelBoy said

at 8:12 am on Aug 18, 2011

Dafydd's explanation is correct. Yn is used with the so called "definite" nouns, and these can be easily grouped as:
- being proceeded by y (e.e. y car)
- a proper name (Caerdydd, Sam)
- a pronoun (me, her)
- a possessive noun (my, her)

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