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Books in English

Page history last edited by Sionned 9 years, 5 months ago

Dysgu Cymraeg / Venturing Into Welsh, Hilda Hunter & Carol Williams

Bilingual book about the process of learning Welsh by two women who've done it.  Each gets half of the book, and on each two-page spread, the right-hand page is in English and the left-hand page is the same material in Welsh.  Hilda Hunter learned in her 80s (!) and has published her autobiography in Welsh (Dyfal Donc). Both the Welsh and the advice in her section is rather formal and old-fashioned -- she insists on endless repetition of vowel sounds before making words, for instance.  Carol Williams' section is a bit more relaxed.  Overall a worthy book, but not a lot of fun to read.  -  Tahl


Think Without Limits: You Can Speak Welsh, Lynda Pritchard-Newcombe

A book specifically aimed at the type of learner who gets on fine in lessons and classroom but bottles out when it comes to using Welsh "in the wild".  Lots of tips and interesting thoughts on why this is.  Also some sections aimed at existing Welsh speakers and how they can help learners, so one to leave strategically placed around friends and family perhaps! - Leia 



Travels in an Old Tongue, Pamela Petro

American learner Pam (who finds it amusing her name means "Why") takes the rather extreme step of travelling the world to improve her Welsh - deliberately seeking out people in places where Welsh is her only common language.  Enjoyable read even if it's not an approach most of us can replicate!  The longest and most traditionally "book-like" of the works summarized here.  - Leia, Tahl 



Welsh in a Year, Jen Llywelyn

Small-format book, surprisingly rich in content, organized around the determination of a learner in Wales to speak enough Welsh to have a full lunch conversation with a friend in twelve months' time.  Each chapter covers one month, and has several pages about her experience that month, some suggested resources (books, websites), a short "Welsh workshop" simulated classroom conversation in mixed Welsh & English to teach a grammar point (with a vocabulary list), a short "coffee time" conversation in English among the learners in the class about their experiences, and a one-page profile of a noteworthy adult learner.  Does the author succeed?  Guess.  - Tahl



You Don't Speak Welsh!Sandi Thomas

Another hugely enthusiastic American learner -- this time going for the Wlpan in Aberystwyth.  Any learner will recognise the sentiments and challenges and delights in here!

(Appears to be out of print but is well worth seeking out in library or second hand)





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TygerC said

at 1:04 pm on Feb 11, 2011

What about books in English that aren't about the language? I'm thinking all those history books I've read. Should there be a page for history books, both in English and Welsh?

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