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Non Fiction

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Mynediad i Gymru

Non-fiction books about Wales for learners, which as the name implies directly follow and use the patterns from the WJEC "Mynediad"" course.  (Indeed some of them are written by the same person as the textbook!)  There are four in the series, 2 in "North Walian" and two in "South Walian".  Interesting topics, similar in style to the articles that come up in Lingo.


Cant y Cant - 100%


100 articles of a 100 words each in clear, simple Welsh (roughly Sylfaen level on the WJEC-style courses, with very complete vocab lists.  Ten themed topics covering something to suit almost everyone.  An excellent, non-intimidating place to start reading.


My single favorite reading book, because it's easy to consume in tiny bites, easy and fun to revisit articles that I've already read to make sure that the vocab has really sunk in, and always defines every word I may wonder about (an essay of 100 words may have a 25-30 word vocab list).  Plus it's a glossy, pretty book, with many full-color pictures.  Highly recommended. --Tahl


Cyfres "Ti'n Jocan"

Jokes and short silly stories from various comedians and 'personalities'.  Fairly colloquial (and thus tricky sometimes) Welsh in places, but mostly short so nice to dip into.



Cyfres "Stori Sydyn"


These are the Welsh equivalent of the "Quick Reads" produced for World Book Day to try and encourage reluctant readers or adults with literacy issues.  As a happy side effect this makes them really rather good for learners because the language is simple and the sentences short!  A lot of them seem to be sports personality focused but there's some fiction as well.


Operation Julie, Lyn Ebenezer

 An account of the true story of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Julie, which was a huge police operation back in the 70s that succeeded in catching and breaking up one of the largest drug-manufacturing groups in the world - which was based in Tregaron, Ceredigion!  An interesting read with plenty of useful vocab. --Ifan


Cymru Howard Marks, Howard Marks

Convicted cannabis smuggler (and Cymro Cymraeg) Howard Marks explains his feelings towards "the Wales he wanted to turn his back on" in the past, and "the Wales he now wants to do whatever he can to become a part of again".  Sadly I found this to be not as interesting as it sounded, and if you've read "Mr. Nice" you may be disappointed to find that certain sections appear to be nothing more than abridged translations of extracts from the earlier book.    --Ifan


Gweldydd Bychain, Bethan Gwanas




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