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Page history last edited by Craig F 4 years, 7 months ago

Bywyd gwyllt: Wildlife
Tirlun (pl. -iau): Landscape
Cynefin (pl. –oedd): Habitat
Coed, Coedwig: Forest, Woods
Coedydd: Woodland (Plural of Coed)
Creadur (pl. –iaid): Creature
Rywogaeth (pl. –au): Species
Nyth: Nest (n)
Nythu: To Nest (v)
Llannerch: Glade
Pyll (pl. –au): Pond
Gorgors: Blanket bog
Di-asgwrn-cefn: Invertebrate
Esblygiad: Evolution
Afon (pl. -ydd): River
Daear: Earth
Heulwen: Sunshine
Diffyg ar y lleuad: Lunar eclipse pic2
Cwmwl (pl. Cymylau): Cloud cumulus1
Gwanwyn: Spring
Haf: Summer
Hydref: Autumn
Gaeaf: Winter
Diferion glaw: Raindrops

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